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We founded CyArt Workshop in 2015 with a lot of passion and love to offer you a wide range of traditional, handmade Cypriot products of top quality, which we have chosen very carefully only for you from certified producers, always respecting your needs.

It is often said that Cyprus is blessed with its abundance of nature, its fertile soil and its generous sun, which offers its golden rays so generously, to nurture the vineyards that stretch around its mountain villages, the famous its olive groves and its large fertile plains.

Our Story

In our store you will find the best Cypriot delicacies, the most delicious soutzoukia, the fresh handmade halva, the baklava, the pure honey, the pomegranate molasses and the excellent products of the carob, “this black gold” that has been produced for centuries by Cyprus, such as carob honey, carob powder and carob cream, which are sources of high nutritional value and natural antioxidants. A wide variety of Cypriot and Greek drinks and wines, starting with the famous Commandaria over the centuries, the sweet red dessert typical wine with rich taste, aroma and history, with its production being documented in Cyprus from 800 BC .Χ. rightfully claiming the title of the oldest wine in the world and the intensification with its current name, to have already started from the Frankish period and to this day to always hold a prominent position, among the best and richest tables, thus justifying its reputation . And for you, who are looking for something stronger, we unreservedly recommend the spirited and intoxicating Zivania or zivana, the pre-eminently traditional Cypriot pure distillate produced from marcs. We are definitely able to provide you with a traditional Cypriot drink from our rich collection for every occasion, as it is the necessary accompaniment to a delicious cuisine, each of which has its own unique history and significance and is inextricably linked to the culture of Cyprus.

A large selection of award-winning extra virgin olive oils of unique quality and nutritional value are also available in our store, as well as olives and olive pastes, many aromatic spices, coffees, teas and selected herbs, homemade desserts, ideal for treats, Turkish delights various flavors and jams, care products and cosmetics from donkey milk, traditional soaps from olive oil with many aromas, as well as various handmade souvenirs useful or decorative from copper, bronze or clay, miniatures, hagiographies and many more creations by Cypriot artists impress! Visit our beautiful place daily between 9:30 – 23:00, to taste unique Cypriot delicacies and try whatever else your soul desires, the only sure thing is that you will never leave empty-handed! We will be happy to meet you and serve you up close, you will find us at 333 Kavo Greco Avenue, in Paralimni, Cyprus. We are waiting for you to help you choose one of our traditional handmade products, either for your home or to make gifts to your loved ones.

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